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October 4, 2007, 2:51 am
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“Yesterday we drove all night to Pittsburgh”-Andrew Peterson

This lyric serves me well tonight in my hotel room here in Pittsburgh, PA.

Andrew Peterson’s music is coming out of my computer speakers and is keeping me company on the road tonight, since i cant be with my friends or family.

It is weird how God took a kid who grew up loving and listening to Christian music, to actually giving me the opportunity to serve the music and the musicians.

I am with one of my new artists tonight named Daniel Kirkley who will be singing on some tv thing tomorrow.

I just was thinking tonight for some reason of music is a vehicle God uses for hope. Lyrics have always been a sharp sword in my heart, bruising and shaping the way i interact with Jesus. I dont say this as a fan, a colleague , or friend, but as a young man struggling down life’s path.

It is funny how a song still grabs me. This has been a crazy week so far and its only tuesday night. So far i have been dealing with hurting people, broken hearts, critically ill friends, family far away, loneliness, and confusion. Its been quite a week. Its one of those weeks that can make someone stumble into complacency I guess.

But then a song.

A word. A lyric. A melody. And I find myself filled with hope and peace.

“It’s one more night at the Hampton Inn
It’s breakfast on the house again
Well, it isn’t home, but it’ll do just fine
Still, it isn’t home

We’ve got planes to catch, bills to pay
We won’t make it home today
We’ve got shows from Boston clear to Venus
But if America is listening, as long as I’ve got songs to sing
We can always make a home right here between us
Well, your mama’s got her eyes on you
And mine are on the road
And Gabe’s are staring off at Kansas City
We’d all swear that it’s a precious view
That’s seen by such a precious few
And it’ll change you just as sure as it is pretty
But that ain’t a bad thing”~Andrew Peterson

There is power in the Gospel. There is authority in the words to change our hearts, blind our ambitions, mend our selfishness, and rescue us from a lonely place of solitude. Their is power in the life of Jesus and the message that He pours through musicians, tv preachers (even those whom i question), popes, pastors, authors, and those who serve the ones God have chosen for these jobs.

Serving the servants.

So tonight the challenge is to be more like Romans 12:12 commands us to be when Paul wrote,
“Be joyful in hope, patient in affliction, faithful in prayer.”

For i am a stubborn sinner who has been saved by a risen Savior.

There is and will always be tension and pain on this Earth, but God gives us pieces of Himself every day to carry us through to the other side.

So look around. Maybe its lyric, or a melody. Maybe its a passage from an 18th Century Theologians book. Maybe its a sermon from Billy Graham. Maybe its just that quite moment to reflect on the things God has given us already.

God reveals Himself to us in small things, and mighty things. The key is to listen and pay attention.

I’m listening.


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